About the School

The Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering combines natural sciences and engineering in a unique way. The focus areas of the education are the sustainable use and processing of natural resources and new materials, including their technical applications.

The research priorities include:

  • process technology
  • industrial biotechnology
  • biomaterials science
  • advanced metals and minerals recovery processes
  • active and functional materials

The school is backed by strong cooperation with the business world: new knowledge created through research is used to reform Finnish industry and promote new forms of business.  The strength of the school lies in the combination of high quality basic and applied research.

The School of Chemical Engineering has about 1 800 students and 500 employees at the Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland. It provides bachelor's, master's, licentiate and doctoral-level education.


Key figures 2016

Figures in parenthesis refer to 2015.

• Undergraduate students: 1199 (1360)
• Doctoral students: 376 (401)
• Bachelors' degrees: 179 (141)
• Masters’s degrees: 144 (147)
• Doctorates: 40 (35)
• Total number of personnel: 452 (493)
• Professors: 40 (35)

Exchange studies:
• outgoing students 57 (41)
• incoming students 55 (78)

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