Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology

Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology is a foundation established by Finnish industry. Its goal is to support the scientific research and teaching of technical disciplines at the Aalto University schools of technology.

Collaboration between the Aalto University schools of technology and industry

The Aalto University schools of technology – School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and School of Science – provide higher education and carry out scientific research in nearly all fields of technology. The departments of the schools have a highly-educated and goal-oriented research staff, and they are equipped with cutting-edge research equipment that meets the needs of both research and product development.

Each year, the schools of technology produce approximately 1 000 master's theses and 150 licentiate theses and doctoral dissertations. Many of the theses are directly applicable to the needs of industry. In addition, all departments carry out contract research commissioned by industrial companies, to whom it is an economically advantageous option.

The Research Foundation supports

In recent years, the Foundation has co-financed approximately 200 doctoral dissertations, licentiate theses and master’s theses of the schools of technology with the help of industry-donated funds.

Industry finances

The grants awarded by the Research Foundation are mostly funded by Finnish industrial companies, who may direct their gift to the Foundation to be used for research in a field of technology of their choice. This way, the gift and the research funded by it will support that field of technology which is the most important for the operations of the donating company.

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