Researchers at Aalto University are looking for new ways to use wood

16. helmikuu 2018

New scientific ideas can revitalize one of Finland’s traditional economic engines, forests.

Science and art

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Young Finnish scientists: “Millennium winners gave us fresh ideas and motivation”

9. helmikuu 2018

The Global Young Scientists Summit gave the next generation of the scientific world a chance to meet and learn from Millennium Technology Prize and Nobel Prize winners in Singapore.

Science and art

  • millennium_technology_prize

Startup community A Grid opened on campus

8. helmikuu 2018

The Finnish startup culture helped A Grid's Community Manager Leigh Ewin in adopting to his new home country.

Campus Cooperation

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  • Startups
  • entrepreneurship

Parallel computing to assist in the control and quality control of steel furnaces

7. helmikuu 2018

The results of Christian Westerlund's Master's thesis promote the productivity of the steel industry. The thesis is based on multidisciplinary studies at Aalto University.

Studies Science and art

  • steel_industry
  • parallel_computing
  • functional_materials
  • computer_science

Building miniature optical antennas using DNA as a guide

2. helmikuu 2018

A new fabrication technique combines programmable DNA origami shapes and conventional lithography methods to create metallic nanoantennas and chiral shapes for diverse applications.

Science and art

Seed funding led to a multimillion strategic collaboration between designers and chemists

26. tammikuu 2018

ChemArts is already looking into business opportunities and preparing for world domination.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

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  • textiles
  • fashion
  • chemarts

The radical percent

24. tammikuu 2018

Percent art will bring wellbeing, travellers and new ideas to the campus, says Art Coordinator Outi Turpeinen.


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Imaging the future of urban transport

24. tammikuu 2018

When planning the urban transport modes of tomorrow, we should be open to imaging entirely new possibilities.


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  • transportation_engineering
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  • magazine

Latest Magazine focuses on the built environment

24. tammikuu 2018

The just-released Aalto University Magazine 21 examines human-centered built environments.


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Companies want to hire Aalto students during their studies

24. tammikuu 2018

Nearly 70 employers participated in the Summer Job Day!


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Experience Platform aims at better user experience

23. tammikuu 2018

The new Aalto University Experience Platform brings together experience-related ideas and research topics.


High performance man-made cellulosic fibres from old newspapers

23. tammikuu 2018

Increasing consumption requires new ways to recycle waste. In Aalto University old newspapers were converted to textile.

Science and art

  • Ioncell_F

Finland should become a model country for sustainable battery production and the circular economy

17. tammikuu 2018

Growth of electricity powered transport increases demand for lithium batteries. Through strategic cooperation and circular economy expertise, Finland can establish itself as a leader in the battery industry.

Science and art Cooperation

  • CloseLoop
  • battery
  • Circular_Economy

Aalto University invests in children and young people - Aalto University Junior is ready for adventure

17. tammikuu 2018

New facilities for child and youth activities opened at Otaniemi campus.

Campus Science and art Press releases Cooperation

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Aalto International Design Business Management programme to be provided for remote students

16. tammikuu 2018

Aalto wants to extend the popular IDBM programme to students at top international universities.


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  • blended_learning
  • digitalisation
  • IDBM
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Aalto Design Factory develops new cooperation platform with Volkswagen

15. tammikuu 2018

'The space for digital ideas', the PopUp Markthalle, opened to the public on the 15 January.

Science and art Cooperation

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  • markthalle
  • digitalisation
  • design_factory

Largest Finland 100 event in China births continuing cooperation

11. tammikuu 2018

In its gala finale in Shanghai, Sino Finnish 100 Challenge celebrated its competition winners and released news of continuing Finnish–Chinese cooperation.


  • Sino_Finnish
  • finland100

EIT-labelled course generates new talent and future leaders in the mining industry

9. tammikuu 2018

The European Mining Course demonstrates a remarkable quality in terms of internationalization, educational innovation, entrepreneurship and societal impact.

Studies Honored

  • European_Mining_Course
  • EIT

Application period for Bachelors’ programmes in English started 9 January

9. tammikuu 2018

A new Bachelor’s programme in Science and Technology starts next autumn.


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  • bachelors_programme_in_science_and_technology
  • BScBA
  • international_business
  • admissions
  • data_science

Aalto University becomes a member of Climate Leadership Coalition

9. tammikuu 2018

The organisation aims at affecting the ability of companies and society to respond to climate change.


  • CLC
  • climate_change
  • sustainability

New biomaterials can solve the challenges of sustainable development

9. tammikuu 2018

Broad-based bio-competence is Finland's success factor for the future.

Science and art

  • DWoC
  • biomaterials
  • sustainability
  • cellulose

ANDRITZ Oy and Aalto University bring a new biotechnology product to the global market

8. tammikuu 2018

AaltoCell™ technology allows ecological and fast production of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).

Science and art Cooperation

  • MCC
  • microcrystalline_cellulose
  • bioeconomy
  • biotechnology

Extensive strategic cooperation between Nokia and Aalto University

4. tammikuu 2018

The areas of partnership include artificial intelligence and data networks.


Satellites, eco-art and refrigerator for quantum computers

28. joulukuu 2017

2017 was an amazing year for Aalto's efforts in arts, science and technology.

Science and art

Representatives of Important actor in Nordic research cooperation visit Aalto Bioproduct Centre

19. joulukuu 2017

NOS-N wanted a tour of a high level research unit at which international scale infrastructure plays a central role.

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  • ABio
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