Aalto receives top marks from young Finns

25. huhtikuu 2017

According to an image survey, Finns under the age of 30 value Aalto's pioneering spirit.


Nexus selected as winner of Chemist’s Block architectural design competition

25. huhtikuu 2017

The winning entry for the Chemist's Block was created by Anttinen Oiva Architects.

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Aalto University and VTT collaborate to develop novel textile fibres

25. huhtikuu 2017

Aalto University and VTT are taking Finnish fibre technologies towards industrial scale manufacturing in their joint TeKiDe project.

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Double award for new publication on novel biorefinery concept

21. huhtikuu 2017

Easily scalable, environmentally friendly process separates wood’s principal components for further processing.

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Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation donates more than €3 million

19. huhtikuu 2017

The foundation donated 300 000 euros to a professorship in technology education.


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Multidisciplinary themed issue out now

18. huhtikuu 2017

The just-released Aalto University Magazine 19 looks at multidisciplinarity as a competitive advantage.


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Aalto University looking for a new President

13. huhtikuu 2017

A call for applications to recruit the next President of Aalto University has been opened. The community’s and stakeholders’ proposals for suitable candidates are also welcome.


Aalto University and KONE deepen collaboration

13. huhtikuu 2017

The focus areas of the research collaboration include wireless technologies and data models for buildings.

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Increased number of applicants to Bachelor’s Programmes

11. huhtikuu 2017

The field of Science and Technology attracted 11% more first priority applicants. In the Business and Economics programme offered in Helsinki, the increase was 8%.


Bootcamp takes Design Factory spirit to the world

11. huhtikuu 2017

Visitors from four continents came to Otaniemi to hear about problem-based learning and cross-disciplinary teamwork.

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Aalto Festival takes over the Helsinki metropolitan area in May

6. huhtikuu 2017

As Finland celebrates its 100th year of independence, Aalto University opens its annual festival showcasing the work of the schools of science, technology, arts, and business.

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Aalto #5 in the world among Millennial universities

5. huhtikuu 2017

Times Higher Education ranking also puts Aalto at #27 among young universities aged 50 or younger.


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Metallurgists are needed to fix the sustainability gap

5. huhtikuu 2017

Professor of Metallurgy Ari Jokilaakso’s researches the behaviour of chemical elements at high temperatures. He wants to give students a real understanding of chemical phenomena.

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Aalto University accepts 1033 applicants for master's studies

5. huhtikuu 2017

The application period for Aalto University’s master’s programmes ended on 25 January and the admission results have been published on 5 April 2017.


Alumnus Casper von Koskull hosted the alumni meet-and-greet in Stockholm

4. huhtikuu 2017

Alumni gathered to hear the latest developments of Aalto and the start-up community that has grown in and around the university.


Upcycling ‘fast fashion’ to reduce waste and pollution

4. huhtikuu 2017

Aalto’s Ioncell team presents their work at a meeting of the American Chemical Society.

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Nomination of candidates for 2018 Millennium Technology Prize

3. huhtikuu 2017

Technology Academy Finland (TAF) invites the scientific and innovation community around the world to nominate candidates during 3.4.–31.7.

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Game Changers – Aalto's impact on society

30. maaliskuu 2017

Game Changers is a timeline with stories about people, events and innovations, which have had a great impact on Finnish society and economy.


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ClimateLaunchPad green business idea competition is now open

29. maaliskuu 2017

Do you have a green business idea?


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Aalto University ranked globally among top 100 within its key research areas

29. maaliskuu 2017

The academic results of the University continued to improve in 2016.

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President recruitment process initiated

29. maaliskuu 2017

In its meeting of 28 March, the Aalto University Board decided to initiate the process of recruiting the next President of Aalto University.


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Researchers create artificial materials atom-by-atom

28. maaliskuu 2017

Possibility to arrange the atoms precisely bring designer quantum materials closer to reality.

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Left in customs for 20 years, rubidium finds permanent storage site with the help of Aalto University

24. maaliskuu 2017

The deciding factor in the search for a permanent storage site came from the universities and their research collaboration.


Promising results obtained with a new electrocatalyst that reduces the need for platinum

23. maaliskuu 2017

Researchers succeeded in manufacturing electrocatalysts with one hundredth of the amount of platinum that is usually needed.

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The latest installation lectures available on video

21. maaliskuu 2017

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of miniature robotics and optimizing human-computer interaction, among other things.

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