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Apply to the new Aalto University mentoring programme for students and alumni


The programme combines field-specific and interdisciplinary mentoring and international networking is also part of this year’s programme.  The application period has already begun and information on applying can be found in AlumniNET.

Student-alumni mentoring improves the working life skills of students, promotes the networking of students and alumni, and increases the sharing of knowledge and skills. In addition to the private meetings between the students and the alumni, an important part of the programme consists of seminars, company visits and thematic meetings in small groups.

All those alumni who have graduated from one of the predecessors of the schools of Aalto University and have been in working life for at least five years can apply to become mentors. Mentee applications are accepted from master’s degree students.

The application period will continue until May 15th. The programme will continue throughout the academic year 2012-2013.



A photograph of the 2011 mentoring programme. Photographer: Mikko Raskinen.

Long history in mentoring

The mentoring programme has a long history at Aalto University. Student-alumni mentoring has been arranged at the School of Economics since 1999 and at the University of Technology since 2000. The School of Arts, Design and Architecture is taking part in the programme for the first time this autumn.

The students who participated in the mentoring programme in 2011 have praised it for the support it has provided for their future plans. For the alumni, the programme offered an opportunity to challenge their views and established opinions on working life. Here are some comments from last year’s participants:  

 “Mentoring offered me a lot of support and my confidence in the future grew stronger. Now I know what I want to do after graduation.” (mentee 2011)

“Mentoring provided me with useful tips on the challenges of working life and especially on my own well-being at work.” (mentee 2011)

“I learned to look at working life from a wider perspective and my concerns about the future were alleviated.” (mentee 2011)

“The mentoring programme offered me several new contacts and gave me a better understanding of the life students lead and the issues that are currently topical. (mentor 2011)

“My mentee has made me look at things from new perspectives and I have had to/had the opportunity to examine my own opinions and attitudes critically.” (mentor 2011)

“Meeting young people enables you to grow.” (mentor 2011)



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