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From packaging into an experience


Quality wine can turn to vinegar when gulped down from a plastic cup and cheap plonk sipped from a wine glass by the Eiffel Tower may seem like the most palate-pleasing experience you have ever had.

Packaging is not just a practical and mundane protective cover in which to bring the product home.

- Packaging is also a medium for communication, a brand builder and part of an experience related to the product, Markus Joutsela, a researcher from the Department of Media in charge of the PACK AGE packaging design course, explains.

During the course, students will design innovative packaging in groups. The students were selected based on a written application with the view of each group having knowledge of various fields: design, communications, marketing, engineering and project management. Assignments were given by companies such as Nokia, Saarioinen and Valio.

- In the future, packaging being ecological, user-centred and part of an experience will become ever more pivotal. These things will also play an important role on the course. For the companies, the PACK AGE course offers an opportunity for trying out new solutions.

Mobile phone wears Grada

Thinking outside the box can produce packaging made of unexpected materials. The Team Nokia student group conceptualised a versatile and strong packaging for the Nokia smartphone out of Grada, the formable plywood launched by UPM.  

Packaging like this would not be thrown out by the consumer, but used as a container or something similar. In one of the concepts, the beautiful packaging was decorated with snowflake patterns.

- For example, paper can be used as substitute for plastic in many kinds of packaging in the future. New materials feature strongly on the course.

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture, the School of Economics, the School of Chemical Technology and the Institute of Design and Fine Arts of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, are collaborating to run the PACK AGE course, organised 15 March- 16 May. 

Text: Tea Kalska

Photographs: Mikko Raskinen

Further information:

Markus Joutsela
+358 504 094 405
markus.joutsela [at] aalto [dot] fi

The products in the photographs and the concepts mentioned in the text are not part of the companies’ policies but will be realised in the student projects of the PACK AGE course.


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