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Not quite your typical chemist


Neste Oil created a new type of summer job in 2012 by hiring a "summer president", whose application process attracted plenty of attention in various media. The "summer president" works at Neste's communications department, gets acquainted with the various offices and reports on them online by means of a blog and social media. Applying for this job was a month-long marathon during which Laine recorded his application in the guise of a music video and collected supporters on Facebook. Neste Oil decided to hire Laine, who was one of the two applicants having attracted the most supporters

Mikko Laine is a third-year student of biotechnology and food technology. This multi-talented young man also considered applying for a place at the Theatre Academy and a post as a maths teacher, but his interest in bioprocess technology and the respect a Master of Science title commands in working life took him to the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology.

Multi-talented student

Apart from studying, Laine works as a part-time presenter of the MTV3 junior children’s channel and spends his free time acting, singing and writing. He is also actively involved in the Chemistry Guild and the Representative Council of Aalto University‘s student union. Last winter, his time was also taken up by a role in the students’ drama group.

Laine heard about the summer president’s job from a friend of his who felt that the lively young man would be just the ticket for it. He explains that at times, he has found himself immersed in his hobbies and jobs almost by accident, driven by his interests and tips from friends. For example, he started the blogging, which he is expected to do for Neste, last year as a hobby for his employer for the summer, Linnanmäki amusement park.


Is such a busy life not wearing him out? "I work a lot, but I’m also able to take it really easy in my free time, I’m really laid back", Laine smiles.

Multi-talented Laine has not yet made any final decisions about his future. He finds it important to try out various jobs and learn to do different types of work, and laughingly, he says he models himself after the renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. With his vast experience of communications, performing arts and writing, it will be interesting to see where this young man ends up once he gets hold of his Master of Science diploma.


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