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Michael Gasik participates in Europe’s leading intermetallics research project


The IMPRESS Integrated Project, which focused on the study of intermetallic compounds, has been selected as one of the ten best EU-funded projects in industrial technologies. The EU funds over 900 such projects. Professor Michael Gasik from the School of Chemical Technology and his team of researchers have added Aalto University’s expertise in materials research to IMPRESS’s vast cooperation network.

Researchers participating in the IMPRESS Project were able to develop two new intermetallic compounds that help increase the efficiency of airplane gas turbines and catalysers used by industry. One of the project’s fifteen work packages was headed by Professor Michael Gasik from Aalto University. In addition to researching new materials, the group built a broad-scoped database of intermetallic compounds and their characteristics.

IMPRESS was a five-year project coordinated by the European Space Agency, which run from 2004 to 2009. The European Commission's sixth research framework provided a total of 41 million euros funding for the project over the course of five years.

IMPRESS comprises 45 research teams and companies from across Europe and Russia. With over 150 of the field’s experts from 15 countries, IMPRESS is the largest project that focuses on intermetallic compounds worldwide.

The European Commission’s research framework programmes 5, 6, and 7 have provided funding for over 900 industrial technologies research projects, of which 63 were up for consideration as the best project. IMPRESS was selected as one of the top ten projects. The best project was announced on 20 June at Industrial Technologies 2012 in Aarhus. The title of best project was awarded to project named IMPULSE.

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