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Dr Markus Reuter appointed Adjunct Professor



Besides his chair at Aalto University, Markus Reuter continues working for Outotec as Director - Technology Management responsible among other things for cooperation with universities and international stakeholder organizations. In addition, he is Professorial Fellow of Sustainable Technology at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

"This new professorship adds an important systems engineering viewpoint related to metals production and recycling to education and research in materials science," explains Dean Outi Krause from Aalto University, School of Chemical Technology and continues:

"Recycling of for example electronics and critical materials makes the processing chain an ever more complex, multiphase system. Mastering that system requires a deep understanding of metallurgy and thermodynamics as well as knowledge of the entire life cycle of materials including their recycling. Metallurgical process solutions and technologies can be efficiently utilized in recycling. Systems engineering is an essential tool of sustainable metals production."

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