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Four projects receive funding from Academy of Finland

13.06.2014 Academy of Finland has granted funding to 79 projects with a total amount of about 36 million euros.

Towards closer cooperation

12.06.2014 The Department of Forest Products Technology and The Upper Austrian Research GmbH have signed a cooperation agreement.

Eero Kontturi appointed Professor at the Department of Forest Products Technology

04.06.2014 ‘I want to create completely new kinds of materials that utilise the particular properties of wood and plant polymers, ‘ Prof. Kontturi explains.

Academy of Finland grants Postdoctoral Researcher funding

19.05.2014 Postdoctoral Researchers Tushar Jain and Marc Borrega Sabate have received funding.

The Masters of Aalto exhibition shows off a variety of disciplines

19.05.2014 The works of future leaders are displayed from 16 May to 1 June at the Masters of Aalto exhibition in down-town Helsinki.

Fungi clean polluted soil

12.05.2014 Fungi can be harnessed to clean polluted soil which cannot be cleaned using traditional composting. This was the finding of Erika Winquist, M.Sc.(Tech.), in her dissertation for Aalto University.

Academic considerations and thinking approaches for companies

09.05.2014 In cooperation between universities and companies, it is important to know the right people and be able to speak their language.

The Phone of the Future May Be Powered by Alcohol

05.05.2014 A small, light and effective micro fuel cell generates electrical energy from hydrogen, ethanol and methanol. Gianmario Scotti has developed economical and rapid methods for the purpose of fabricating micro fuel cells in his doctoral research.

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