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Change scent with a touch of a button

01.07.2014 Imagine if you were able to change the scent at your home just by pressing a button on a remote control.

Professor Mauri Kostiainen receives special recognition from WCC

26.06.2014 At Aalto, the recognitions are granted to six talented researchers.

The School of Chemical Technology involved in the new Tekes research opening

26.06.2014 The goal of the Living Factories Programme is to realise the full potential of Synthetic Biology in Finland.

Success of Aalto University requires bold decisions

25.06.2014 Nobody can be the best at everything. Senior industrialist Jorma Eloranta, who is being promoted in October to the rank of Honorary Doctor at Aalto University together with nine other influential persons in science, technology and the community, is thereby convinced that Aalto University must discover its strengths and dare to really invest in them.

Four projects receive funding from Academy of Finland

13.06.2014 Academy of Finland has granted funding to 79 projects with a total amount of about 36 million euros.

Towards closer cooperation

12.06.2014 The Department of Forest Products Technology and The Upper Austrian Research GmbH have signed a cooperation agreement.

Eero Kontturi appointed Professor at the Department of Forest Products Technology

04.06.2014 ‘I want to create completely new kinds of materials that utilise the particular properties of wood and plant polymers, ‘ Prof. Kontturi explains.

Academy of Finland grants Postdoctoral Researcher funding

19.05.2014 Postdoctoral Researchers Tushar Jain and Marc Borrega Sabate have received funding.

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