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Aalto Event Bookwinner of the Energy Efficiency & Low Carbon Competition

26. March 2015

Significant economic benefits from increasing efficiency in using space facilities in the Otaniemi area


With spring comes Aalto Festival!

20. March 2015

Aalto Festival is a collection of events, exhibitions, and seminars, showcasing the talents of Aalto University students, graduates and faculty.


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Nomination period for the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize begins

16. March 2015

Aalto University is a strategic partner of TAF.


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Otaniemi becoming a versatile urban area

10. March 2015

The development of the campus is proceeding in cooperation with all operators in the area.


AaltoCell™ concept successful in international biorefinery competition

6. March 2015

The most recent innovations in the field of bioeconomy have been applied in the development of the biorefinery project.

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Aalto Start-Up Center has created nearly two thousand new jobs

26. February 2015

In 2013 alone the number of new jobs created increased by almost 20 per cent.


Researchers developed a cost-effective and efficient rival for platinum

18. February 2015

Researchers succeeded in creating an electrocatalyst that is needed for storing electric energy made of carbon and iron.


Co-operation was discussed at the Bay Area Alumni meet

13. February 2015

A great group of people gathered with different backgrounds, all of them having Aalto in common.


Inaugural Professorial lectures captured on video

9. February 2015

Aalto University's newest professors spoke about the pressing issues in their fields.


People from Aalto to consider the future of mining

9. February 2015

Experts of Outotec, Aalto University's researchers and students will collaboratively unravel future concerns in the mining sector.

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Narrative in Film course open screenings

6. February 2015

Narrative in Film course screenings are a series of ten films, each introduced by a professor or lecturer.


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Students manufacture jacket from cellulose produced by bacteria

2. February 2015

Multidisciplinary expertise from Aalto University was on display at the end of November in Brussels at the paper industry’s European Paper Week.


Aalto University Endowment portfolio returns 6.3% in 2014

30. January 2015

Purpose of the Aalto University Endowment is to generate additional funding for world-class research and education.


Pack-Age is collaboration between students, teachers and companies

26. January 2015

An interdisciplinary packaging design project course solves companies’ packaging challenges.

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Anna Dupleix's doctoral dissertation receives top prize from French university

4. January 2015

Ms Dupleix focused her investigation on the use of infrared heaters in woodturning work.

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Aalto received 4,7 millions funding from Academy of Finland

17. December 2014

4,1 million euros for New Energy research projects and 600 000 euros for arctic research.

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The application round for the new Master’s Programme begins on 15 December 2014

15. December 2014

Are you passionate about science? Do you want to know more about using science sustainably in advanced ways?


Tekla Tammelin as a Docent

12. December 2014

D.Sc.(Tech) Tekla Tammelin has been granted the title of Docent in the field of Bioproduct Technology at Aalto CHEM.

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EU Knowledge and Innovation Community to Otaniemi

10. December 2014

Aalto University is a partner in a mineral sector project, which aims at the creation of new businesses in Europe.


Broad-based degree studies and unique minor subject specialism will be an asset in the labour markets of the future

9. December 2014

What are the requirements that will be demanded of students entering employment in the future?

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Finnish team to participate in synthetic biology competition next year as well

8. December 2014

Participation in the competition was a tremendous and fun experience.

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Decorations for Aalto staff on Independence Day

3. December 2014

President Tuula Teeri was granted a commander decoration, 12 other staff members awarded as well.


A small, round, compact mystery

27. November 2014

Yellowish in colour, round in shape, this tiny little thing can, at least in theory, be transformed into something that is harder than diamond.


The bioeconomy has to be profitable

24. November 2014

Technology leaders expanded on their bioeconomy plans and considered the role of universities in product development work.

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Professor Adriaan van Heiningen admires Finnish perseverance

21. November 2014

FiDiPro van Heiningen research focuses on innovative forest products biorefinery.

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