Professor Kalevi Ekman received the World Cultural Council’s education award

20. lokakuu 2016

The Design Factory Global Network has been strengthened by three new members in the past month, with the latest opening in Riga.

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New Nobelist in physics Michael Kosterlitz gave a lecture at Aalto – see the video

20. lokakuu 2016

The properties of exotic matter were revealed.


The latest installation lectures available on video

19. lokakuu 2016

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of aesthetics, biohybrid materials and wireless world, among other things.

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Aalto Magazine 17 out now

17. lokakuu 2016

The brand-new issue of Aalto University Magazine focuses on entrepreneurship.


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Helsinki Challenge: €375 000 for science-based solutions that impact society

17. lokakuu 2016

In the idea competition, solutions for the great challenges of the world and future well-being are solved.

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Campaign for stellar comprehensive school – from Utö to Utsjoki

14. lokakuu 2016

Tempaus2016 student event will bring delight, brain-teasers, everyday creativity and joy of learning to 1 500 comprehensive schools.

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Aalto University Computer Science placed 79 in the NTU ranking

11. lokakuu 2016

Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in the top 100

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New doctors were conferred at Aalto

11. lokakuu 2016

The Schools of Technology celebrated their Ceremonial conferment of Doctorates and Honorary Doctorates on October 7, 2016.


Nobel Prize in Economics to Bengt Holmström

10. lokakuu 2016

Aalto University Board member, Professor Bengt Holmström received the Nobel Prize together with Professor Oliver Hart.


Fun problem solving rewarded with the Nobel Prize in physics

7. lokakuu 2016

Visiting Fellow at Aalto, Michael Kosterlitz, revealed the properties of exotic matter by not knowing it was impossible.

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Schools of technology will hold the third joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

7. lokakuu 2016

The doctors and honorary doctors to be conferred will be accepted as members of the technical science community.


Experience the robot bus in Otaniemi!

6. lokakuu 2016

Two robot buses have arrived to Otaniemi and they are now available for passengers.

Campus Cooperation

Huge leap in digital computing energy efficiency speeds up deployment of IoT

5. lokakuu 2016

Finnish Minima Processor Ltd receives €1.6 million in equity funding.


Monika Österberg develops from wood a contender to oil

3. lokakuu 2016

Associate Professor of Bioproduct Chemistry Monika Österberg wants to see her innovations change the world.

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Aalto University receives almost 5,7 million euros key project funding from the Academy of Finland

3. lokakuu 2016

The funding is especially geared towards early-career researchers.

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Design Factory family expands to New York

30. syyskuu 2016

The learning environment for product development created at Aalto has already spread to 12 universities and research organisations across the world.

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Circular economy, metals and entrepreneurship combined as a postgraduate course for the first time

30. syyskuu 2016

Pitch training and the pitch competition were the highlight for many participants.


Two foundations grant EUR 1.8 million funding for Aalto projects

29. syyskuu 2016

The funded research openings are ambitious and aim to renew the society.

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Longer service life for aircraft

28. syyskuu 2016

One of Honorary Doctorate in the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees is Brigadier General (Eng.) Kari Renko, MSc (Tech.).


Digitalisation creates new mobility services

23. syyskuu 2016

MaaS, a term undergoing rapid changes in the world, was discussed at the first public lecture held at the Internet Forum.

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A man of many hats

21. syyskuu 2016

Jubilee Doctor Matti A. Ranta has many stories to tell. His conferment ceremony has remained in his memories as a particularly magnificent event.


Results of research and art visible in the new web service

21. syyskuu 2016 brings together publications and scientific and artistic activities.

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Seven-figure grant for researcher producing carbon fibre from wood

8. syyskuu 2016

Michael Hummel, the recipient of the much sought-after ERC Starting Grant, knows that there is a great need for more affordable carbon fibre.

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IonCell-F won the price in pitching

7. syyskuu 2016

IonCell-F has won seed fund award at Innovation Day pitching organized by Climate-KIC Nordic.


Tuula Teeri: Society needs critical and informed thinkers

6. syyskuu 2016

President Tuula Teeri and AYY's Chair Milja Asikainen discussed the key roles and societal impact of universities at the opening of the academic year.

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