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Aalto University Magazine 14 out now

12. lokakuu 2015

The just-released Aalto University Magazine 14 examines health technology, a sector undergoing powerful growth.


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Nobel Prize winner's career started with the Mysterious Island

28. syyskuu 2015

Researchers must dare, specialise and establish start-ups, said Dan Shechtman on his visit to Aalto University.


DNA-based nanodevices for molecular medicine

24. syyskuu 2015

Self-assembled DNA nanostructures can be used in molecular-scale diagnostics and as smart drug-delivery vehicles.


Skype interview with Stanford University

22. syyskuu 2015

Laura Elomaa's doctoral work models biological tissue and veins.

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Aalto to lead three strategic research programmes

15. syyskuu 2015

The programmes are Digital Distruption of Industry, Robots and the Future of Welfare Services and Smart Energy Transition.

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It is all about water: thermal transitions in polyelectrolyte assemblies occur via a dehydration mechanism

15. syyskuu 2015

Researchers have for the first time deduced the microscopic nature of the anomalous thermal transition that hydrated polyelectrolyte assemblies bear.


1,527 new Bachelor’s level students began studies at Aalto

4. syyskuu 2015

A total of 9,858 persons applied for admission to Aalto University in the joint application process this spring. 16% of applications were successful.


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Hard rain inspires discussion

31. elokuu 2015

Hard Rain Goes Aalto brings environmentally-themed events to Aalto in September.

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11,741 bachelor's level applicants to Aalto University this spring

2. heinäkuu 2015

The results of national joint applications to higher education institutions have been published through the Studyinfo service.

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JOM named the Kalevala the Greatest Work of Materials Fiction

30. kesäkuu 2015

The Kalevala is ranked number one in the Top Ten Greatest Works of Materials Fiction, revealed by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).

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Bachelor’s degree selection results published through Studyinfo at the latest on 3 July

29. kesäkuu 2015

Keep up-to-date through My Studyinfo -service


Open University courses in Autumn

25. kesäkuu 2015

Courses are open to everyone regardless of their background or age.


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Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology awarded grants for doctoral studies and postdoctoral visits

14. kesäkuu 2015

The Foundation received a record number of 147 applications, of which 24 received a grant, totalling 178 000 eur.

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Helsinki Scientific Award to Professor Maarit Karppinen

9. kesäkuu 2015

Professor Maarit Karppinen is one of the leading researchers of functional oxide materials in the world.


Aalto University appoints new professors to the Tenure Track Career System

5. kesäkuu 2015

The following persons have been appointed tenure track professors:


Professor Orlando Rojas received 2015 Nanotechnology Division Technical Award and IMERYS Prize

5. kesäkuu 2015

TAPPI announced 2015 Nanotechnology Division Technical Award Winner

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Cellulose turning into a supermaterial of the future

4. kesäkuu 2015

Broad-based cooperation multiplying the value of Finnish wood.

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Aalto Festival brought together thousands of participants in May

2. kesäkuu 2015

The two-week festival featured over 40 events making the talents of Aalto University visible in Helsinki and Espoo.


Metsävisa competitors and teachers visited

1. kesäkuu 2015

A group of 30 people, 15 students and their teachers visted Department of Forest Products Technology.

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Academy of Finland grants EUR 13.6 million to support profiling

29. toukokuu 2015

Funding will be used to cover the recruitment of professors to key research areas.

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Emma Master has received an ERC Consolidator Grant

25. toukokuu 2015

The project aims to accelerate benefits of the genomic era, by finding novel proteins and enzymes with totally new and useful properties.

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28.5. Media Lab Demo Day

20. toukokuu 2015

Our open for all spring party and “exhibition” Demo Day happens, as always, in the end of May.

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Even wastewater treatment plants need fitness tests

13. toukokuu 2015

The entrepreneurs behind Toihan Oy used to work at the Department of Forest Products Technology and have now found their niche in the forest industry.

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Aalto University – the driver of the multidisciplinary bioeconomy

22. huhtikuu 2015

Professors, researchers, representatives from industry and other interested stakeholders met at Dean's Circle event.

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Toimitusjohtaja Tapani Järvisen rahaston apuraha professori Jyri Seppälälle

26. maaliskuu 2015

Seppälä on kansainvälisesti tunnustettu elinkaariarvioiden tutkija.

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