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Ten new Honorary Doctorates in Technology to be conferred at Aalto University

23.04.2014 The Aalto University schools of technology will confer honorary doctorates on ten eminent persons in the fields of science, technology and society. The degrees will be awarded at a ceremony to take place on 10 October 2014 in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland.

Microbial oil research one of the Innovation Award finalistslisuuden Innovaatiopalkinnon finaalissa

16.04.2014 Microbial oil research led by Professor Simo Laakso is one of four finalists in the competition for Innovation Award granted by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland.

Nanocrystalline cellulose modified into an efficient viral inhibitor

15.04.2014 Researchers have succeeded in creating a surface on nano-sized cellulose crystals that imitates a biological structure. The surface adsorbs viruses and disables them. The results can prove useful in the development of antiviral ointments and surfaces, for instance.

By means of a catalyst, cellulose can be bleached in seconds

14.04.2014 An Aalto University invention accelerates the bleaching process of cellulose pulps and reduces the quantity of chemicals needed therein.

'Say it in Finnish' campaign was won by a student of bioproduct technology

10.04.2014 With a happy smile on his face, Gaurav Das welcomes you by hollering in Finnish: 'Hello, how are you?'

You can go far when you choose a good minor

04.04.2014 What you choose to go alongside your major subject may well decide the course of your career. Aalto University students definitely have no lack of possibilities in this area.

An architect who knows wood admires log cabins

01.04.2014 Using scanty resources, our forebears built durable homes. A Japanese architect, who has made Finland his home, investigates what we could learn from them.

Prizes awarded again for best doctoral and masters theses

20.03.2014 Winning students were praised for originality, maturity and a deep understanding of the topics of their research.

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