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News: Archive 2012

New dean sought for the School of Chemical Technology

19.06.2012 Aalto University seeks to appoint new dean to lead the operations of the School of Chemical Technology, the School of Engineering and the School of Science. The new deans will start in their positions at the beginning of 2013. At Aalto University, deans are elected for a five-year term.

Michael Gasik participates in Europe’s leading intermetallics research project

02.07.2012 The IMPRESS Integrated Project, which focused on the study of intermetallic compounds, has been selected as one of the ten best EU-funded projects in industrial technologies. The EU funds over 900 such projects. Professor Michael Gasik from the School of Chemical Technology and his team of researchers have added Aalto University’s expertise in materials research to IMPRESS’s vast cooperation network.

Wood takes flight in a joint effort

08.10.2012 A bio-apartment building in Otaniemi, a modifiable sports and recreation centre in Tapiola and a route for light traffic on the nearby shoreline - all of these made from wood. These construction proposals came about from a joint venture between Aalto University students and six organisations, the purpose and aim of which was to come up with ways in which modern Finnish timber construction and the entire wood industry could be promoted.

Doctoral candidate of Mineral Processing awarded at congress

09.10.2012 Zoltán Javór, a doctoral candidate at the School of Chemical Technology has been granted an award at the largest international congress in the field of mineral processing. Mr Javór was awarded the young author award for his presentation. The congress was organised in India in late September. More than 600 works in the field of mineral processing were presented, of which ten received awards.