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News: Archive 2012

From packaging into an experience

27.04.2012 Quality wine can turn to vinegar when gulped down from a plastic cup and cheap plonk sipped from a wine glass by the Eiffel Tower may seem like the most palate-pleasing experience you have ever had.

Creating packaging experiences

23.05.2012 A product’s packaging is not merely a protective shell it travels home from the store in. Packaging may be fun and beautiful and does not need to be taken seriously.

Welcome new students!

04.09.2012 This week, 161 new Finnish students are beginning their studies at the School of Chemical Technology. In addition, the school has today welcomed about 70 foreign students to the Aalto community. Foreign students have come to the school as exchange students (about 40) or as degree students to attend the school’s master’s and Erasmus Mundus programmes.

International SELECT+ PhD programme made Aalto University part of its network

19.09.2012 Aalto University School of Chemical Technology is part of the new Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programme, which is funded by the European Commission. The programme is unique among Finnish universities.

Virtual experiments on viruses

05.11.2012 Laboratory work is an essential part of the studies of any chemistry student. However, there are many things that cannot be done due to the limitations posed by existing facilities or equipment. These include experiments conducted on living viruses in biotechnology, as the risk of contamination for people and facilities would be too great. In a virtual laboratory, however, this and many other things are fully possible.