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Living factories can revolutionize industry

25.08.2014 The transformation is accelerated by synthetic biology. Its potential is also being investigated at Aalto University in a new strategic research opening funded by Tekes.

The School of Chemical Technology involved in the new Tekes research opening

26.06.2014 The goal of the Living Factories Programme is to realise the full potential of Synthetic Biology in Finland.

Towards closer cooperation

12.06.2014 The Department of Forest Products Technology and The Upper Austrian Research GmbH have signed a cooperation agreement.

Academic considerations and thinking approaches for companies

09.05.2014 In cooperation between universities and companies, it is important to know the right people and be able to speak their language.

Academy grants EUR 1.2 million in research on nanocellulose

13.11.2012 The Academy of Finland has decided on the funding for research within the Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation. At the School of Chemical Technology the funding is granted to two research projects lead by Professor Janne Laine and Professor Markus Linder. The research in both of the projects focuses on nanocellulose and the funding totals ca. 1.2 million euros.

Class reunions provide nostalgic moments and fresh information

26.09.2012 Former students from the School of Chemical Technology get together often, even though it's been decades since their studies began. Class reunions bring together old student friends and reinforce alumni connections with the university. For the school and departments, these reunions represent an opportunity to present current themes in research and teaching to an interested group of listeners.

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