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Working together to create something new

22.09.2014 Doctoral students Ville Liljeström and Joona Mikkilä tell us what researchers go through before an article is published in an academic journal.

Book edited by Adjunct Professor Markus Reuter wins Publication Award

18.09.2014 Handbook of Recycling: State-of-the-art for Practitioners, Analysts and Scientists won the first prize.

Living factories can revolutionize industry

25.08.2014 The transformation is accelerated by synthetic biology. Its potential is also being investigated at Aalto University in a new strategic research opening funded by Tekes.

Lasse Murtomäki appointed professor at the Department of Chemistry

20.08.2014 Murtomäki’s research is focused on ionic liquids, flow batteries and light activated nanoparticles.

The forest industry needs to be reinvented

13.08.2014 Wood, as a natural composite material can cover many of our societal needs, including high-tech products, says Professor Orlando Rojas.

Change scent with a touch of a button

01.07.2014 Imagine if you were able to change the scent at your home just by pressing a button on a remote control.

The School of Chemical Technology involved in the new Tekes research opening

26.06.2014 The goal of the Living Factories Programme is to realise the full potential of Synthetic Biology in Finland.

Four projects receive funding from Academy of Finland

13.06.2014 Academy of Finland has granted funding to 79 projects with a total amount of about 36 million euros.

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