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Architects of the Bio-age

04.09.2014 New students begin their studies at the School of Chemical Technology.

Pipettes at the ready

08.08.2014 Nine gifted general upper secondary school students received special training at Aalto as they prepared for the International Biology Olympiad.

Change scent with a touch of a button

01.07.2014 Imagine if you were able to change the scent at your home just by pressing a button on a remote control.

The Masters of Aalto exhibition shows off a variety of disciplines

19.05.2014 The works of future leaders are displayed from 16 May to 1 June at the Masters of Aalto exhibition in down-town Helsinki.

'Say it in Finnish' campaign was won by a student of bioproduct technology

10.04.2014 With a happy smile on his face, Gaurav Das welcomes you by hollering in Finnish: 'Hello, how are you?'

You can go far when you choose a good minor

04.04.2014 What you choose to go alongside your major subject may well decide the course of your career. Aalto University students definitely have no lack of possibilities in this area.

Prizes awarded again for best doctoral and masters theses

20.03.2014 Winning students were praised for originality, maturity and a deep understanding of the topics of their research.

New approaches to studying wood products industry in Europe

17.01.2014 Aalto University was present at the annual Interfob gathering of wood processing students. This year the event was held in France.

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