Aalto Doctoral Programme in Chemical Technology

The Aalto Doctoral Programme in Chemical Technology comprises 7 fields of research. The Programme is a joint effort of the Departments of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Forest Product Technology and Materials Science and Engineering.

For those interested in being a doctoral student, please refer to the activities of the research groups on the department web pages before applying in order to find suitable fields of research.

The fields of research are:

  • Chemistry (KE)
  • Biotechnology  (BK)
  • Chemical Technology (BK)
  • Bioproduct Technology (P)
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies
    Note: only for the students accepted for SELECT+     
  • Processing of Materials (MT)
  • Materials Science (MT)         

Additional information about the doctoral programme and how to apply can be found on the Into portal.

Jobs at Aalto University can be found on the aalto.fi website.

Aalto University School of Chemical Technology Dissertation.jpg

Picture of the beginning of a public defense of a thesis (Lectio Praecursoria) where the candidates describe the thesis, usually in their own mother tongue (Finnish or Swedish).

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