Learning environments

Laboratory work is often done in pairs or small groups.


Group activities and learning tasks can be carried out in the adjacent space to the student lab in laboratory test intervals.


Instruction is given in both traditional classrooms and in the smaller group spaces.


In the picture is one of the lecture halls in the Kemistitintie building as well as the Teemu Kerppu Learning Lab at Vuorimiehentie 2 building.pienryhmätyötila.jpg

The Learning Hub Living Room is a cozy functional space which can be used for studying, having meetings and holding seminars and workshops. In addition, it is suitable for events ranging from lectures to discos! The Association of Process Engineers guild room is located on the premises at the Learning Hub Living Room. The picture shows the opening of the Learning Hub Living Room (November 2012).

Learning hub.jpg

There are 6 computer classes on the school's premises. Aalto University also has computer classes in other buildings. For example, there is one in the Maarintalo building at Otakaari 1, which is open around the clock.


Study facilities are listed on the Into portal, read more!

You can find a map of the campus as well as the visiting and postal addresses of the buildings in the Contact Information section.

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