UMK Colloquium on New Materials - Fall 2011 seminars on Wednesdays 11.15-12


Interested in cutting-edge materials science?

Want to learn what kind of interesting research is done outside your own laboratory?

The UMK Colloquium on New Materials seminar series comprehensively presents advanced materials science research both in Finland and abroad aiming to cover fields in chemistry, physics, materials science, and also applications. UMK Center for New Materials at Aalto University has organized this seminar course biannually over seven years. The seminars are directed for an interdisciplinary audience consisting of graduate students, researchers, and often professors. Lecturers are invited from universities, research institutes, and industry.

The fall 2011 seminars take place on Wednesdays at 11.15-12.00 in Nano Building seminar room 228 (Puumiehenkuja 2).

The course starts with an introduction lecture on Wed 21 September. UMK Director Runar Törnqvist and Coordinator Jenni Koskela will give an overview on the fall seminar course and on the UMK Center for New Materials in general. The last seminar will be held on Wed 30 November, see the whole schedule on the course home page http://umk.aalto.fi/en/colloquium/fall_2011/. Welcome to listen from the very beginning, later or even on only some selected lectures.

Students can collect 2–4 credit points (Tfy-125.4432 course pages on Noppa-portal: https://noppa.aalto.fi/noppa/kurssi/tfy-125.4432/etusivu). Enroll to the course via WedOodi or sign up on the first lecture. You can collect credit points even if you have participated in the Colloquium before.

Similarly to the spring 2011 seminars, each lecture will have a host from the UMK Center for New Materials member research groups to briefly present their research equipment and research.

NEW! After the lectures, at 12.00, coffee and tea will be served while there is time for discussions with the lecturer and the host.


UMK Center for New Materials


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