Open position - A doctoral student position on materials science


A doctoral student position on materials science,
photonics and optics in the Molecular Materials group,
Aalto University

An opportunity is offered for a doctoral student to perform forefrontmultidisciplinary research combining materials science, photonics and optics. The position in the Molecular Materials group (Dr. Robin Ras, Prof. Olli Ikkala) is within the PHORMAT project of the Academy of Finland, in close collaboration with the Optics and Photonics group (Prof. MattiKaivola, Aalto Univ.), Nonlinear Optics group (Prof. MarttiKauranen, Tampere Univ. Tech.) and Applied Optics group (Dr. JuhaToivonen, Tampere Univ. Tech.). The position is immediately available. The salary is according to the university salary scheme.

Azo-based chromophores can bend at the molecular scale when irradiated with light, known as trans-cis-transphotoisomerization. Photoisomerizationleads to a variety of properties and applications, including photo-induced anisotropy, macroscopic mass transport and surface relief gratings.

The doctoral student will work on azo-containingpolymer materials, the tunability of the bond between azochromophoreand polymer using covalent or non-covalent interactions, thecis-trans induced structuringof azo-containing polymer from the molecular scale to the micronscaleusing lasers and optical setups, and their characterisation using state-of-the-art electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes and optical methods.

We accept applications from students holding a Master’s degreein physics, chemistry or related field.The multidisciplinary research of this project will certainly open career opportunitiesin academy and industry after the student has obtained the doctoral degree, as multidisciplinarity is where materials science is heading to.

The team in which the student will operate, aims to publish in the highest level scientific journals.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Robin Ras
Molecular Materials, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University
Puumiehenkuja 2, FIN-02150 Espoo.
Emailrobin.ras [at] tkk [dot] fi
tel 050 432 6633

Please apply by email, and include an application letter and CV.


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