Submission of proposals for The Materials Technology Invention Award from 15. Sep.


TKK Researcher!

Objective of The Materials Technology Invention Award is to increase the number of high quality inventions in material science and related technologies at TKK with particular focus on free research. The Award can be granted only for inventions to which the researchers (inventors) or/and TKK had the ownership when the invention was made.

Submission of proposals: 15.9.-31.10.2008

Award: 7000 €

Key criteria: Special attention is given to the simplicity and ingenuity of the invention and to the national impact and the commercial potential.

Who can participate? The Award can be granted to all TKK employees and persons who were employed by TKK still maximum 12 months ago. More details given under the link below.

Organizers: The Award is organized by the UMK Center for New Materials at TKK and Nanotechnology Center of Expertise in Culminatum Ltd Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise.





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